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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Chris Rabb

I don't know if Navarrow is paid by Big Telecom, but I can tell you that the pro-Internet freedom crowd with whom I affiliate does not benefit from corporate largesse.

So, to be accurate, the Black and Latino voices on either side of this issue do not represent a Big Telecom vs. Google dichotomy that one might assume. It's more lobbyists/consultants/publicists vs. grassroots/netroots.

Equally important, none of my pro-net neutrality peers would be the least bit hesitant to call out Google on privacy issues or anything else that conflicts with our shared values.

In actuality, the real battle is Wall Street vs. the American consumer, and the most vulnerable consumers are from low-wealth communities who are being poorly represented and/or misled by too many DC insiders more concerned about industry largesse than doing what's in our best interest.

The reality is our words and actions are our own, crafted by us and for us (i.e., communities, not corporations). In truth, Google and its cohort are noticeably quiet on net neutrality as it relates to its disparate impact on communities of color. (So, they have a lot to learn from Big Telecom which has a much longer track record of diversifying their ranks to promote their interests.)

Can you really argue that we should entrust Big Telecom (over the publicly accountable FCC) with upholding the egalitarian principles on which the Internet was built?!

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