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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Account Deleted

It's hard mind reading, but it's even worse to wonder without a hypothesis. Most of those commenting at Jack and Jill Politics said the same thing, before I could even get my post up.

I was hoping I could show that I was clairvoyant, but those who know Alabama politics came to the same conclusion just as I was reading about Rep. Davis' 2010 gubernatorial campaign at his website.

Some research projects lead to results so quickly that it takes all the fun out of finding out the truth.

A Real Black Person

I feel really stupid after reading that. The whole mind-reading thing screams of stupidity but most importantly it makes me ask,' what business does a black man have voting against obama to appeal to the Man?' Someone needs to put that misbehaving Democrat black man in his place. Thank you for elevating the national political conversation, Afro-Netizen with your fair and completely unbiased account of Alabamian politics. If only more people in the press were like you and Francis Holland.

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