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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A Real Black Person

If this is a joke then I am laughing. Great job. The girl is cool. Very cool. I can't even see her manicured nails.

Look, most if not all green jobs involve prior training in construction and engineering--both mechanical and electrical ,for starters. Phycists are probably in high demand . Most inner city folk have no knowledge in most of these disciplines. Most African Americansaren't in technical trades in large numbers. There are very few places that will train specifically for "Green jobs" because millions of Americans are not demanding solar panels on their houses. The government can create demand by legistating clean energy but as long as people can afford keep using energy the way they're doing them now, dispose of garbage the way they're doing now, they won't pay 200-300% more for service like waste disposal to "hug trees".

Besides, how minorities in the inner city, who can be estimated to believe global warming is a big fat lie? They may be able to do the low, work with your hands labor, but there's nothing that can be done about them not getting into sciences, architecture or the trades in greater numbers. The supply of qualified labor is limited.

If there is ever a serious demand for green energy jobs, the physical labor will be given first to immigrants, illegal or otherwise, to do. Immigrants actually dominate the constuction trades, in some parts of America. I do not see that changing, even if more white collar 'professionals' keep losing their jobs.

$100 goes to the man or woman who can name the actress or model posing in that Youtube video.

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