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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


White Dreams

Mexicans aren't black, they're latino. White people like them better than black people but they hate that they are taking all the low wage jobs and blue collar jobs that white people used to do. There are people who wouldn't be on welfare if there wasn't so much cheap labor coming from latin america.

"Blacks and Latinos are seen as criminals by the larger culture. Other immigrants are not.” When Arabs aren't killing us, they're happily writing high end software or helping white people live longer as surgeons and dentists. They depend more on each other than the welfare system. A poor guy from India has more ambition than the entire 18-24 population of African American in New Orleans and has better manners too. The poor guy from India will open up his own store instead of robbing one.

I don't know how more latinos coming to America is good for black people. That's just more jobs black people won't get hired for. This article fails so hard it falls on its face.

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