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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Esther Carrera

You are absolutely right that racisim is still alive and well in these United States of America. There is no question about it. However, we must be careful not to see things through racist lenses. We cannot blame everything that goes wrong on race alone.

The congress man who interruped President Obama was wrong in interrupting and descrediting the President. In my opinion, the only one who looked like a fool was the congress man. Who behaves like that? But was it racially motivated? I don't know if his behavior was caused by race or a deep disagreement in what the President was saying (either way it was bad behavior). The media wasn't paticularly nice to President Clinton or his daughter either and they are white. There is no doubt that there are some who are offended by the fact that we have a Black President (to bad for them), but that doesn't mean that every negative incident that occurs is caused by him being black. It could be the office that he's holding. President Obama doesn't blame his race when things do not go the way he wants them to. But I do not believe that he is ignorant to the fact that in some instances race is to blame. The way he deals with this is someting we can all learn from. President Obama is an awesome role model for everyone.

As far as they Kanye West incident, I believe he the crossed the line. Not because Taylor Swift is white, but because he did period. Kanye's behavior was rude and unwarranted regardless of race. If he had done that to Beyonce instead of Taylor Swift, it would be just as shocking. Everyone loves Beyonce, she just didn't win this time.

Then there is the savage beating of a black woman by a white man. In that, my friend, I coulnd't agree with you more. Here we have an ordinary citizen that has been brutally victimized because of her race and no one hears about it. Why? There are more stories like hers. I wonder if white children the only ones abducted because those are the only ones we see on the news.

Yes, racism is alive and well. It happens everyday to ordinary people like you and I. I commend any minority that has been able to climb the ladder of success and while they may still see racism, I don't believe they experience it or are limited by it the way ordinary people are. Those that have been able to break through those chains have a responsability to help the rest of us by modeling correct behavior while continueing to fight for equality in a respectable and commendable manner.

Christine Farrell

I am baffled to hear that people do not believe racism still exists toady, and that they are justifying it with the election of President Obama. Yes, with this election we have made great strides, but none big enough to overcome racism. Racism has a long history that can not simply disappear with one action. The action of the civil war did not wipe out racism, it is arrogant to think that making an African American takes away racism completely. It is sad because the simple fact that people believe racism no longer exists, it detrimental to the United States.
Obama's election is a step in the right direction, but this step is not as great as some may like to think. This is because he is not receiving support from those of power around him, like the congressmen. Not only does he have to face congressmen judging him for his acts and decisions, like they have done to other presidents, but he has to face them judging and not supporting him for racist reasons as well. It is not right that he has to worry about his ideas not getting backed not only for their content but also because of the racism that exists in some congressmen.
When looking at the Taylor Swift and Kanye incident, it is interesting to me how much media it received. The VMAs have always been know for some crazy event happening, but none have been so public as this particular one. So if Kanye did the same thing to Beyonce as he did to Taylor, would there have been so much uproar in the media? The Black lady who was barbarically beaten in front of her daughter did not receive as much coverage as the Taylor/Kanye incident, so what does that show us? I didn't really think about these events and there coverage until now.
It is a shame that people are justifying the end of racism with Obama's presidency. I have actually heard people say things in relation to Obama's election ending racism, but I thought they were just messing around, because to me, it is a step but not one that for sure clears racism completely. I am in totally agree with the statement of "Until we recognize that we are sick with racism, the virus will continue to spread." We cannot hide the facts we must realize it still exists and make a change.

Phuong Pham

It is true that we live in a post-racial society. I honestly didn't think Kanye West outburst was made headline news everywhere because of what he did to Taylor Swift had to do anything with race. Kanye kind of did something similar to Brittney Sears when she won some award last year when he thought he should've clearly won instead. It made the news, but not everybody was bashing on Kanye even though Brittney Spears is white.

It was ignorant for what the congressman said. I still can't believe that there are still so many citizens in the U.S that still can't accept the fact that a black man is finally president. Instead of supporting him, they keep on bashing on him and hoping that he would failed. Shouldn't we all hope for the same? Hope that Obama would help us from this recession, and make everybody lives a lot better? And make the future brighter for our children? We are all raised to love and respect one another, but yet some people can't do these simple things due to race

Reading this article made me open my eyes and realized that there will never be an end to racism. It is like a virus. We would all have to come together and join hands to find a solution to stop this virus, stop the hatred, and the racism. But it seems impossible.


I think there are some good points here. Before reading this article I never thought that the Kanye-Swift incident was a racial incident. To me it just seemed like another bone head thing that Kanye did because that is what he does. However, the author makes sense in saying that the media may not have been so quick to demand an apology if he had done the same thing to Jay-Z or Beyonce. I guess I never thought of it that way. The underlying message of racism within the media was clear. The demand for an immediate apology was almost instant and it never occurred to me that it was because no one should ever do that to a white woman. This article put alot of things into perspective for me. I did not even know about the man in GA that beat up a black woman. Stories like that seem to be put on the back burner or even played down. But then I have to wonder if it were someone famous that was beaten up if it would have made more headlines (i.e. Rhianna/Chris Brown). I know the stories are not exactly the same but in the same sense both victims were black women. This was a great article and it really made me think a little bit deeper into what is really going on in regards to racism. I would also have to agree that racism is still alive and well in the U.S.

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