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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


A Real Black Person

You know if he were white , he would never have been called a liar

Even John Edwards was never called a liar (to his face)...snd he was accused of cheating on his cancer- diagnosed wife.


"Carpet-bagger" money for Rob Miller will provide a non-trivial benefit to Wilson when he rallies his troops around the "outside aggravator socialists" who are single-handedly funding his Commie (ex-Marine) challenger.

How about we do both?!

Here's a crazy idea:

We use that money NOT to blindly support a Democratic challenger whose stances on issues most important to progressives have yet to be vetted, but to fund grassroots leadership among the residents/voters of SC's 2nd Congressional District, starting with its most moderate/progressive constituents: the Blackfolk who live there?


I know, I know: that's crazy-talk. Never mind.

Susie from Philly

Don't get mad, get even.


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