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Friday, May 15, 2009


Dr. Mush


Ralph Dumain

Congratulations on this article. I have reported on in my "Black Freethought" group on "Atheist Nexus":


A Real Black Person

"In these (black) communities you find more tolerance towards gangbangers, drug addicts, and prostitutes, who pray to God for forgiveness than honest productive citizens who deny the existence of God."

It's very hard for Christians to truely renounce violence...there's too much glory in it. They use it as the first and last resort when their unrealistic perception of reality is challenged. The belief in a watching, punishing God is not only a deterrant to wrongdoing, but is an inspiration for it as well. The Muslims have the same problem. The Jews? Well, they've proven to be willing to spill blood just a much as the Nazis. The Palistinians are a nation in dispora because the Jews forced them off it. So in other words, religons fail to uphold moral standards that they claim to embody.

The monolithic allegiance and glorification of The Black Church is outdated. The last time The Black Church did anything good was in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, what have they done? They have very little real influence in their communites where black on black crime is through the stratosphere.

What have the Reverends can point to and say that they've accomplished in the last forty years? They've stood by and watched the black family disintergrate and have been silent.

I guess God is inspiring them to bring in larger collections and God is inspiring the people who give money to the collections to be more judgemental of other people.


The truth is, if hell were real, there'd be more black people going to hell than white people...

Black Socrates

Wow! This is a well-written article, it is refreshing to see that there are alternative views in the Diaspora. Coming out as a freethinker (atheist, agnostic, humanist, etc.) in the African Diaspora is now worst than coming out of the closet concerning your sexual preference. There is a deep history of Black Freethought involvement in the civil rights movement especially during the Harlem Renaissance (see No More Ham article on American Atheist Website link: http://www.atheists.org/No_More_Ham_--_A_look_at_several_Black_Atheist_Leaders. I often wonder why African Americans as J.A. Rogers stated "The slogan of the Negro devotee is: Take the world but give me Jesus, and the white man strikes an eager bargain with him." I think it is imperative that alternative views come to the table and stand up to religions (especially Christianity and Islam) that played a significant role in the enslavement of the African both physically and mentally.

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