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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A Real Black Person

The problem with this site is that it doesn't encourage any diologue. This lack of dialogue allows...people like Aisha Brown and Dredrerick Muhammad to drop outdated arguments about white privledge and not get called to show how that affects anyone in developed nations.

White Privilege is eroding. As globalization progresses, there is evidence that many " white people" stand to lose a significant portion of the wealth accumulated by them in the twentieth century. Globalization has the potential to drive down wages for many jobs that " White People" in the West currently hold.
It might be said that it will be "once again, white people who will benefit from globalization but that thinking is just wrong because only a very small number of "white people" will benefit from decreased wages. The only thing that can be said about the global elite of future is that it will be composed of less white people. This may be because of one undiscussed byproduct of White Priviledge, ENTITLEMENT. Some white people were all for globalization, as long as their standard of living wasn't impacted. Some of them are turning down work in this recession because the offers they're being made require them to downgrade their standard of living. Any non-math/science college degree is essentially no better than a high school degree at this point. These white people can get away with laziness for now--but if the wealth of them and their family continues to decline in the long-term, white privelge will become a thing of the past.

If you wanted to address Latin American racism, they should have posted their speech in Spanish or Portuguese. What makes them think posting it here is going to be of any help when it's Latin American who need to be aware of this information.

This article was incredibly dated and inaccurate for someone who runs a "consultancy".


It is true that Latino's discriminate against Blacks. But it's also true that "Latino's" don't consider themselves white. Maybe it started out at the Euro-fication of South America but now there is a completely different culture South of the Border.

You are afraid to confront Latino racism here, rather, you go back to old black vs white to keep it safe.


Informative article this is a psychologically imbalanced planet.


In the 80's I read about preto malo and it exists today,heck U.S.blacks enjoy criticising hair as much as Afro-Dominicans and others of the African Diaspora. Brazil & fellow South American lands encouraged Nazis to move there like their tribal relatives in the U.S. Read that Eartha Kitt potrayed a Portugeuse woman to account for her dark skin in a movie.In addition to Peter Ustinov a documentary on whites with Black-African ancestry would be unsettling to some whites!That would be cool!

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