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Thursday, April 09, 2009



From another real live black person, thank you Danny Glover!

Nearly every oppressed group--Japanese Americans, Native Americans, Jews--has gotten some form of reparations from the US government. Why do people react negatively to the idea of reparations for black people?

The argument that social welfare programs are a form of reparations doesn't hold water since these programs are class and not race-based. A little known fact about Affirmative Action is that it benefits white women more than any other group. Therefore, Affirmative Action cannot be considered a form of reparations.

In any case, all Mr. Glover and Congressman Conyers have asked for is a commission to study whether reparations are appropriate. What's the problem with that?

A real black person

Reparations are a horrible idea.

At what point are people going to start taking responsiblity for their own situation and stop blaming the government for everything? The only thing worse than the legacy of racism is the legacy of being dependent on welfare from the government.

Racism and federal welfare( like public housing)go hand in hand. Just ask the an Algerian in France.

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