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Wednesday, February 04, 2009



evidently servile colored lackeys are in good supply at faux news,juan&armstrong williams aren't the only ones.i didn't juan was such a stepin fetchit-rochester till the presidential campaign.peterson must be an idol soulja boy aspires to be like!speaking of servile coloreds mike steele is
in competition for respected "colored fellow"of the year as rnc leader.


a servile colored lackey working for limburger and coulter let alone hannity,what a surprise!peterson is a good role model for soula boy...ha!ha!i didn't think juan was so servile,knew armstrong williams was rightwinger.

Verite Parlant

Long ago I tuned out Fox News, and so when I saw your post, I expected to see something about Juan Williams.


Then I read it and watched the video and said, "OMG, they have two of those." :-)

Dawoud Bey

This is an absolutely astounding level of foolishness! The degree of blind self loathing on display here is sad for sure. I guess they couldn't find Alan Keyes that evening.


Jesse Lee Peterson is a sad individual. If you like the above video, then you'll love this one where he says he's thankful for slavery:

sally Hemings

Just remember, some slaves were afraid of their freedom. Without their masters how were they going to take care of themselves?

Sadly, this man of God was given a platform and did not have the sense not to go for his 15 minutes of fame.

You can't make this up.


is he f*ing crazy!?!

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