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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


 taji modern

great post. however there is another side to this issue concerning president obama. we must not engage in orwellian doublethink. we must hold our leaders to what they claim & promise. in the mist of the good that the president represents their is bad. the bailout bill he said must be pass asap,then he goes on a 4 day break. he called for a rush , the 0ver 1000 page bill was not read in its final form by congress. just like the patriot act. on the campaign trail he said this type of thing will seize.
bring the troops home now, not we will see in 26 months. the planned parenthood issue. his cabinet appointments , top lobbyist in top cabinet post. Is he the president of special interest? aiding the banker takeover. imf /world bank.
obama sent war crime criminal kissenger to russia, his top advisor brzezinski with his dark & deadly history, etc.... top cfr, trilateral commission & bilderberg's.
the top elite end game is eugenics . serfdom is the system that is being put in place.
let not be blind followers. Obama should not get a free pass, and we must make sure our agenda is not dismissed as campaign rhetoric.
peace be with you, taji


Great post! Hopefully, The Obama Effect will include a resurgence in the types of aspirational and real, but "the-best-of-us" images we see in the media.

Monroe Anderson

You nailed it. A lot of young entertainers--ie rappers and comedians--don't realize that we've been in the middle of an image war for generations. Stepin Fetchit and the black mammies of the
'30s and '40s became the dope dealers, pimps and whores of the '70s.

It modern images of black men that you write about to prepare Americans of all races to get ready for a President Obama.

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