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Friday, December 12, 2008



It is interesting to note that during the Herero Genocide, no less than 10 Jewish firms made contract with Cecil Rhodes to sell diamonds while the Herero faced extermination oders. While the Jews were not alone in this crime against humanity, there silence on the sufferings of Africans that died in German concentration camps has to be juxtaposed with the endless room for rememberance of Jews that died in German camps, nearly fifty years later.


Oh Jesus. Ms. Hymowitz is one of the "experts" who appears in the racist, sexist, homophobic religious-right propaganda vehicle "Demographic Winter".


What do you expect from Hymowitz.

While Hymowitz's people are shifting billions of dollars from investors, or while the bloodline of the people who wrote the 'BELLING CURVERTURE' or whatever the name is of that piece of propaganda, ( the answer to this book is called 'A History of Education Book II," pub. by http : // www . xlibris .com ), about 400 billion dollars were sent to their banking friends in the Middle East, while mortgage payers lost their money.

Every time these racist Judases use the old Nazi technique of scapegoating Black people -- something stinking is occurring.

While they were trying to sully Obama, one of their friends MADE OFF with billions of OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY.

The false conservatives continue formerly oppressed people who leached off the struggle of Black people to be the weapon to attack Black people.

The entire scheme and dishonesty of using the pre-programmed behavior of some poor Black people as a standard to judge all Black people is exactly what the Judases who dominate the media and who use their 'scholarly' expertize to tar and feather Black people, DO NOT WANT DONE AGAINST THEM -- THAT'S WHY THERE IS A LEAGUE AGAINST DEFAMATION.

Black Ameica must establish a Black ANTI DEFAMATION LEAGUE to swiftly counterattack that propensity to apply facist, racist, Nazi-like propaganda to demonize Black people, while the same people doing the demonizing can yearly commemorate THEIR OWN VICTIMHOOD AT THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO USED TO DEMONIZE THEM IN EUROPE.

The solution to the like of propaganda from people like Roosh Limbugstein, Shorn Connity, Levin the Judas, The Savarage Nazion, Scarfaceborough, O'really, Unkooltar and the nest of propagandists is to RESPOND IN KIND AND RESPOND EFFECTIVELY -- WE SAW EXACTLY THAT DONE BY OBAMA DURING THE CAMPAIGN, WHERE HE RESPONDED EVERY TIME THE OPPONENT TRIED TO DEMONIZE HIM.

When people with names like Hymowitz, Horrowitz, Limbugstein, Shornitty, Savarage, and the hundreds who use the am radio and CABLE CHANNELS LIKE THE FORKED-TONGUED NETWORKS TO DEMONNIZE BLACK AMERICA OR OUR LEADERSHIP -- THE TIME HAS LONG PAST TO FIGHT BACK.

Is Black America going to wait for the same conditions that occurred in Nazi Germany to the Jews, Gypsies and others to occur in the US before we get to our senses?

Or are we going to ORGANIZE, CREATE AND ESTABLISH A VARIETY OF MEDIA (AT LEAST 10 Black tv/cable networks with news, information and educative programming).

http : // blackafricanamericansunited . blogspot . com

"Susu and Susunomics," http: // www . authorhouse . com

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