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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Joel Leonard

Loved your session at ConvergeSouth.

Below is more info on the event we are doing to help convert the attention generated on Politics to issues that are underaddressed like the pursuit of our future generations careers into engineering and skilled trades.


Sally Hemings

Our nation's best and brightest are recruited to Wall Street. Our best and brightest found a scam to take advantage of the average Joe and skirt the regulators.

By shrinking government, there was no one to mind the store.

It wasn't the poor people of color who rewarded the mortgage brokers for failing to check or worse manufacture paperwork.

The simple act of employment verification is a quick underwriting procedure...if you actually do it.

No one knows who even owns these mortgages because they have been bought and sold so many times.

Too many people who weren't trying to buy too much house or become mini-real estate moguls, got screwed and are in danger of losing their homes.

For the victims to be blamed in beyond outrageous.


Much obliged for this post! It just amazes me how this fiasco is because of Black and Brown folks. And have you caught how McCain is now talking about "your property value" going down? Reminds me of when the first black family moved into any white neighborhood! Wonder, where they'll move when Barack becomes President!

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