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Thursday, September 18, 2008



In our modern "land of the free", African-Americans have been put into a separate class. A class of thugs and criminals. This is portrayed in our everyday media, from television to the music on the radio and our music players.
The reality is all people of all "races" should be considered equal. The whole idea of race is social concept. Biologically there is no difference between a Caucasian human and an African-American with exception of the amount of melanin in our bodies. Melanin is a skin pigment which causes our skin color.

Racism is only existent because someone whats to believe that they are superior to others solely based on something they can't control, that no matter what they do they will always be a better person that someone of a different race.
There are three different types of racism. The first of these three are those who actively pose a physical threat to those of other races. A few examples of these are the Klu Klux Klan and the Nazis; killing, lynching, hanging and beating others just because they have a higher concentration of melanin.

The second type of racism is more of a discriminator. One who would deny an African-American a house, apartment or even a job, regardless of their credentials.

The third type of racism is a more subtle type. Those who make sudden decisions based on the race of another. also those who perpetuate the stereotypes there hear and see. An example I can think of is in the opening credits of "Office Space". Michael is stalled in traffic blasting rap music, but when a African-American walks by he locks his doors.
Racism is still rampant in the US, unfortunately many of us turn a blind eye to it...


but are they more racist than you rodney? somehow i doubt it. some of the examples you tried to use to demonstrate racism is more about uplifting and improving communities. specifically your examples about hiring blacks and working with black businesses.

Rodney Wright

What a bunch of crap. Black america has spent the last 20 years try to seperate themselves from mainstream america with everything from language to rap and gangster identity. You obviously have no experience in hiring. The fact is white people where a suit to interviews and blacks where baggy pants. The black community stresses hiring black because they are black. Doing business with black businesses because they are black and yes voting for Obama because he is black. I have lived and worked in the black communities for 15 years. Black america is more racist than whites have ever been.


Thanks for the article. it's quite informative.

pip muir

you rock, Tim.
Thanks for taking the time, making the effort and taking the hits.

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