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Monday, April 21, 2008


James Sullivan

Father Pfleger,

I was very surprised and disappointed
to watch the recent video of you at Trinity Church. I compliment you on the theatrics you displayed that pleased the crowd. It confirms my perceptions and belief that we have a way to go to achieve racial harmony.

Your speech was divisive and made me ashamed to be a Catholic. As a priest, I
expect respect for all people. I expect
rhetoric that coincides with the teachings of the Church and someone I can look to as someone I should emulate.

The person I saw in that video was not a priest. It was a modern day comedian who
utilized racial lines to whoop up a crowd. Whatever the motiovation, it was wrong.

Please do not represent our Church in this fashion any longer. Pray, seek advice, do something to make you understand what you did was wrong.

I am embarassed by your representation of our Church. By what I hear in the media, so is Sen. Obama.

Jim Sullivan

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