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Monday, January 21, 2008


Ron Howell

Amazing stuff, and very relevant, especially the part about how President Johnson was lacking in his commitment, which is like an arrow pointed at Hillary Clinton's comments about Johnson being more significant than King.

Ron (brooklynron.com)


You just said it. "President Johnson did respond realistically to the signs of the times and used his skills as a legislator to get bills through Congress that other men might not have gotten through." (by MLK)

Now, Clinton stated that it took LBJ to pass the legislation to give MLK's dream a reality (e.g. The necessary money to deal with urban problems must come from the federal government, and this money is ultimately controlled by the Congress of the United States. The success of these enlightened mayors is entirely dependent upon the financial support made available by Washington.)

Now, Obama and other black leaders and majority of Black America took a "perceived slight" that should not have been to rally the support in S.C. for him to win the state by the black vote. This is getting disturbing on all levels.

Even MLK stated that the government had to do it to help Black America so their rightful place in the electorate. Yes, in 1963-1968 both JFK and LBJ were reluctant and did not do alot as they hoped. But, compared to what? Eisenhower who was a Republican who did nothing in terms of federal legislation.

Yes a collective effort happened with all parties involved, but for people to say that Clinton offended blacks on MLK's power when she stated something historically is really sad that Black America has stooped to that level. Maybe most whites are right, we just want to vote for someone that looks like us. Not really concerned about the message they are giving or deeds they have done, just their black face. Pitiful.


After seeing a CSPAN BookTV rebroadcast of a panel concerning liberal/progressive blogging on which you participated, I had to check your website out. I have but one comment to make: I love your brain! Thanks for taking the time to put so much worthy information out into the blogosphere.

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