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Thursday, January 03, 2008



Is there any prepared, concrete action plan that an individual/collective could implement to ensure that Candidate Obama surpasses - or at least equals - the 5 primary win achieved 20 years ago.

If there is a prepared action kit, I would be willing to voluteer hours/days to champion/push/publicize it.


We can't let fear of what might happen stop us from choosing the best person for the job and for our community. Racism still exists and there is some physical danger in running for president, but there can be no progress without struggle. Given the choice between safety and progress we should choose progress.


The Democrats have lost their minds. OBama will lose by 20% in November against Guliani, MCCain or Romney and democrats will have squandered the best opportunity in decades to win the white house. ALl this "hope" talk will look silly and americans will put trust in an old, white male just as they have the past 200 years. Look at what they did to Kerry? They took a war hero and made him look like a communist. What to do you think is going to happen to a man who is anti-war, very liberal and has only been in washington 2-3 years? A white Obama would have an uphill battle and americans will not entrust national security, terrorism or the economy to someone just because he can make a good speech. MCCain is the grandad/POW, Giulani is the bully/911 and ROmney is the businessman/governor. OBama will look mediocre in comparison and even Democrats will vote Republican.

Eddie Griffin

Very well written. Great outlook. I appreciate your optimism because it spurs our own hopes that it's a new day in America.

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