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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Gina from What About Our Daughters?

Chris you are SO right that this is so much bigger than Baisden. As far as I am concerned this was a Pearl Harbor style attack on the Black blogosphere and he shouldn't be allowed to get by with a half $^*$# apology slid under the door on a Friday afternoon.

Johanson Black

I can tell you that when I heard this I was raging mad. Some people in the media definitely overstep their bounds and seem to have things leap out of their mouth before they think them through.


"while we're all entitled to differing opinions, we're not entitled to different facts"

The Jena supporters have been handing out "different facts" from the beginning.

Fact: Bell beat the crap out of his girlfriend.
Fact: Bailey and his friends attacked Matt Windham before Windham pulled his shotgun.
Fact: Jason Sloan turned himself in and pled guilty to punching Bailey at the Fair Barn.

Oh, but these "facts" cast doubt on the fairy tale told by Color Of Change. Well, we'll just suppress them and hope no one finds out.

Get a clue. The MSM is fully aware of these details, and when the moment is ripe to garner the most publicity, the MSM will unleash them and roll in their own Benjamins as viewers flock to their TVs.

Eddie Griffin

Damn well written. The best perspective I've read so far on the issue. Great thinking.

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