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Saturday, November 03, 2007


George Thompson

It's not a matter of whether or not Europeans should pay for the carnage they have caused all over the planet. Of course they should pay. The question is will they pay? The answer is no. One has to understand the global implications of white supremacy. African people are not seen through the human lens like other races. We are subhuman to most whites and therefore do no deserve reparations or recompense of any kind. The question then becomes "How do we fix white people so they do not think like that?". That is still the question Africans struggle with daily. Once white people came into power through force they rigged the system against all people of color but especially darker-skinned people.

NCOBRA and John Conyers in Congress still seek exploration into what is owed blacks in the US but their efforts are going nowhere. The white man's answer to our grievances has been to simply brush them off as "statute of limitation" issues. In other words, since our ancestors didn't obtain reparations directly after slavery then nothing is owed to the descendants today. Many whites argue that they refuse to pay anything because they never owned slaves or that every race has been enslaved at some point so it all comes out in the wash. There is no higher authority for appeal. It is a white decision to pay because they control the money. They have decided that we are not worth it, unlike the Jews and Japanese, so the Africa diaspora has a choice. Do nothing and continue as the wretched of the Earth indefinitely or take up arms, literally and figuratively, against the white race and take what is rightfully ours. Of course that will be a formidable task as whites are not prepared for any measure of power sharing.

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