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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


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I would like to take the time to clearify some information provided in your article taht could mislead the public in respect to their view of African-american men.

"• In 2000, approximately 791,600 African American men were in prisons and jails, versus
603,032 African American men enrolled in higher education."

If at all possible, when reporting statements like this, please inform the reader, who may not be as informed as yourself, that in true comparison of African-american men in college vs. African-american men in prison, there are truly more African-american men in college.

When you take the average age of African-american men in jail and prison vs. the average age of African-american men in college you will then see a figure that displays truth.

There are clearly more African-american men in college.

Thank you!


Another iron in the fire of racism white supremacy. It will not change until we confront the truth about why it is this way. The truth needs to be told. Lies & deceit, and violence.

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