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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Support Person

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mike cordes

i am white and have been to africa twice. i was in racist south africa and met many of the afrikaaner elite (the dutch descendants responsible for three centuries of black carnage and displacement). i have also worked in civil service with white and black managers for thirteen years. having college educations doesn't give you family values, moral leadership, or common sense.
for years, the stavinoha family of koffiefontein vrystaat served the de beers diamond mine, providing groceries, food stuffs and meat from their store. i found out when leon was drunk, that south africa had no cattle herds, and horse meat could only be bought with foreign currency. they served the mine corpses, dogs, black lawbreakers (anything from asking to buy a postage stamp to taking a pastry when a starving nine year boy is hungry), and penpals who were stupid enough to believe their racist rhetoric, and show up for holiday (the afrikaaner term for vacation). i bought the store (now called lewis stores ltd ptr) two months ration of horse meat with american express traveler's checks, to avoid a starring role in a real life "motel hell". what about white managers in civil service? some are top notch - some are so trusting of their friends, that they make foolish decisions. for many years to come, schoolteachers will be without w twos to file, which will lead to pensions and social security being refused, because the white managers in charge convinced each other of fallacies : i r s provides w twos to other agencies, the schools don't need to file employment taxes, school manager salaries are tax exempt. my black manager, bob, always had me do my work over and over again. he wanted all findings documented by source documents, all the audit references tied to one another, hard copy examined, strict adherence to state regulations, etc. his white manager had him spend years looking for revealing pictures stored in audit file cabinets for harassment, or just joking, i don't know. i tried for years to undo the damage mike and leonard did, even when i switched jobs, but you don't give buddy-buddy people common sense. and you don't certainly go to holiday in a repressive society, because you believe americans won't get into trouble. dad's best friend on his high school team in fayetteville, melvin, survived the world war until it was almost over: he was killed days before going home for good by snipers, because he thought the national socialist blackshirts (the ss) knew he was of german descant, because of his nordic features. i know louis farrakhan is very radical to whites, but he does have common sense.

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