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Sunday, July 25, 2004



Why is anyone of the west worried about africas negroes/arabs when the west itself is crumbling at every level? The west has bigger problems than to worry about what goes on elsewhere.

Brianna Lopez

I am glad to see that not all people are completely blind to what is happening in Darfur. The miniscule amount of publicity this issue has generated never manages to state that the Janjaweed militia is only targeting the black citizens of Darfur, they don't mention that the Janjaweed's goal is to "arabize" the region, that is what I read in one article. I find it absolutely incredible that a conflict the UN call's "The world's worst humanitarian crisis" get's little to no attention. People are being killed, children are being orphaned, and nobody cares. What happened to humanity?
Brianna Lopez

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